Olark Chat Widget



The supplied javascript will look something like this:

  window.olark || (function(c){
    // initialization code
    loader: "static.olark.com/jsclient/loader0.js", 
    name: "olark", 
    methods: ["configure", "extend", "declare", "identify"]
  olark.identify('<your identity string>');


Add the following code after embedding Olark on to the page to persist the Olark elements between page changes:

HTML<script> /* ... olark include code from http://www.olark.com/install */</script>

  // turbolinks makes pages act like single page applications
  olark.configure('system.is_single_page_application', true);

    // Keep track of Olark Elements on the page
    var olarkElements = undefined;

    // Find all the Olark Dom Elements, so that when turbolinks removes them we can add them back.
    function findAndGrabOlarkDomElements(){
      var olarkMainDiv = document.getElementById("habla_beta_container_do_not_rely_on_div_classes_or_names");
      var olarkLoader = null;
      var olarkFrameStore = null;

      // find framestore and storage iframe
      var iframes = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe");
      for(var i=0;i<iframes.length;i++){
        var iframe = iframes[i];

        if(iframe && iframe.id){
          if (iframe.id.match(/olark-loader/)){
            // TODO make this work in IE
              olarkLoader = iframe.parentElement.parentElement;
              console.log('loader', olarkLoader)
          else if(iframe.id.match(/olark_framesocket/)){
            // TODO make this work in IE
              olarkFrameStore = iframe.parentElement;
              console.log('frame', olarkFrameStore)
      return [olarkMainDiv, olarkLoader,  olarkFrameStore]

    // Register Turbolinks event handlers so we can grab our dom elements before it's too late.
    // (from docs: https://github.com/rails/turbolinks)
    document.addEventListener('page:before-unload', function(){
      olarkElements = findAndGrabOlarkDomElements()

    document.addEventListener('page:change', function(){
        var body = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0]
        for(var i=0;i<olarkElements.length;i++){



  • In some versions of safari we have seen occasional errors:

    JAVASCRIPTTypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating '_.postMessage(t,n)')`

    This happens during some page transitions when the iframe is removed from the dom, and olark is trying to write to the framestore.

Related Issues: #166

Credit: Ben Congleton

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