Google+ Platform/Sign-In

Official Implementation

Set configuration using page-level configuration options, and include the script in the page head.

  <script src="" async defer></script>


Remove the script from the head and load the following script inside the <head>.

COFFEESCRIPTgoogle_frame = null
google_events_bound = false

$ ->
  unless google_events_bound
    google_events_bound = true

bindGoogleEvents = ->
    .on('page:fetch', saveGoogleFrame)
    .on('page:change', restoreGoogleFrame)

saveGoogleFrame = ->
  google_frame = $('iframe[id^="oauth2relay"]').detach()

restoreGoogleFrame = ->
  if $('iframe[id^="oauth2relay"]').length > 0
    $('iframe[id^="oauth2relay"]').replaceWith google_frame
    $('body').append google_frame

loadGoogleSDK = ->
  # We load the platform script directly and load the 
  # client library in the callback
  $.getScript('//', initializeGoogleSDK)

initializeGoogleSDK = ->
  # You can load more libraries here depending on the platform features you want
  window.gapi.load('client', 'v1') if window.gapi

I have implemented this specifically for Google+ Sign-In via JavaScript, but this method should also work for other Google+ Platform API libraries

Credit: Shane O'Grady

All solutions should be considered unofficial. There is no guarantee that a given solution will work with your application. If you find that a solution is insufficient, please let me know by submitting an issue on Github.